Ryborg 365

2014: A Toronto law student in his final of 9 years of post-secondary school embarks on a constant journey of self-discovery and cheeseburgers, adjusting to life as a husband!

2013: A Toronto law student planning a wedding (newly married!) hops on the "Project 365" bandwagon for 2013, posting the mundane but sometimes riveting days of his life in a year of many changes. [year-in-review post!]

04/19/14 - Today we went to Fairview Mall early in the day and I scooped some solid records (Kanye, 2pac, Lana Del Rey, and St Vincent), and we hit the road to Bancroft to celebrate Easter with Steph’s family. We had a surprise birthday party for Madison and spent the day by the lake. I ate way too much delicious food, and slept too little, but it was a hootenanny.
04/18/14 - Today was Good Friday and Steph and I relaxed at home most of the day with pizza and movies. I sold our old air conditioner on Kijiji, so we drove downtown to deliver it and made a pit stop on the way back home. We found a great patisserie on Yonge, north of Lawrence, and got some fantastic macarons for Easter and delicious iced salted caramel coffees. We went home to watch the rest of the Blue Jays game and continued our ongoing South Park marathon.
04/17/14 - Today I spent the day organizing the house for the move and cleaning, while watching the Jays lose both games of a doubleheader in Minnesota. I decided to make a paleo chocolate mug cake (venti-sized!) for a midnight snack, but regretted eating the whole thing.
04/16/14 - Wicket and I took a day trip to Peterborough to visit with the family while Steph was at work. He had a blast and had his first up-close encounters with cats. His dog instincts were strong, and he barked so hard that his hind legs bounced off the ground as he barked. Hilarity. I also got to visit with my mom and Gabriella for the first time since the wedding, which was long overdue. Steph sent treats for the kids, and while Emerson loved his stuffed puppy with bunny ears, he really wanted some chocolate. We had some delicious Wendy’s for dinner, and the pup and I didn’t get home until nearly midnight.
04/15/14 - What a paradox. I finish law school yesterday with balmy 22 degree weather, and the temperature plummets overnight to below freezing, and we get snow today. It is strange to see snow covering blooming and budding greenery. Pretty uneventful first day of freedom as the focus was decompression. I watched both Thor movies, took a nap, and did some cleaning. We are moving in two weeks, so the focus is going to be organization.
04/14/14 - And with that, law school was done. I spent the day finishing my final paper (with brief diversions for food, coffee, and a quick trip to the mall), and submitted just before midnight. It is a bittersweet turn of events, but I have to admit that it is quite anticlimactic ending with a paper and not an exam (not that I’m complaining). It is nice to be done in advance of Easter weekend and to have a full week off before the bar exam study materials are released and I enter that hell.
04/13/14 - I was home all day working on my final law school paper. Steph was doing some work at home too, and Wicket apparently really enjoyed watching the Blue Jays game with me. He picked a good game to be interested in, as the Jays won 11-3 in Baltimore. We were lazy and ordered pizza since we were engrossed in work, but as soon as my paper is done it is back to the gym and healthy eating. The grind is almost over.
04/12/14 - Today was our half wedding anniversary, and Steph surprised me with some amazing Godiva chocolate dipped Oreos. Unfortunately I was stuck working on my paper most of the day, but we went out to Earls for a decent meal. Hard to believe that half a year has gone by already!
04/11/14 - Today I got to sleep in, but had to be productive. I spent much of the day working on my final term paper of law school, and rewarded myself with a Five Guys feast when Steph got home from work. We relaxed tonight and caught up on some TV shows.
04/10/14 - Last day of law school! Our class met for brunch at Fran’s downtown before heading to the Ontario Court of Appeal. We got a tour from the legendary Justice Watt, which ended school for me. Our class went to The Rex for drinks on the patio after, which was a nice decompression. I met Logan and we watched the Jays lose to the Astros (gross), albeit in a very entertaining game. As soon as I finish my last paper, I will officially be done law school… Such a weird feeling.
04/09/14 - Today I had an impromptu day off as one of our class trips was postponed. I marathoned old episodes of Entourage, caught up on laundry, worked on my paper, and make these paleo sweet potato and bacon biscuits. Tomorrow ends my in-person law school obligations with a couple of field trips downtown, and then it is on to finishing my last school paper!
04/08/14 - I was home today and our freshly groomed Wicket kept me company. I was relatively productive but in all the wrong ways. I can sincerely say that I am utterly burned out. This time next week though, I will be done law school for good!
04/07/14 - Today our Court of Appeal visit was cancelled in the morning, but we still made it to the incredible new Centre for Forensic Sciences/Coroner’s Courts building today. This ridiculously huge facility is the biggest in the world, and is at Keele/Wilson. This shot is the as-yet unused Containment Level 3 morgue and autopsy suite. Incredible. When Steph came home later, we set out in the rain to Leeanne’s birthday dinner at Riz North, which was delicious.
04/06/14 - This morning I had some bad luck on the roads while running errands, but Steph and I made it downtown to watch the finale of the Blue Jays’ opening weekend series against the Yankees. We lost, but I made it onto the Jumbotron dancing with the Jays dance team, and got this towel souvenir for free! We went to Ajax for dinner with the Marples after, and Steph and I invented a hilarious new twitter parody account (details to follow).
04/05/14 - Today was the big day: my end of year crim intensive mock trial. They were held at the Ontario Court of Justice at 2201 Finch (Steph’s old stomping grounds). All things considered, it went well, and Steph played a stellar police witness for me as I played a Crown (weird, I know). Afterwards, we went for sushi with Karen and Alex, took Wicket for a walk, and I crashed hard on the couch after a stressful an exhausting week. We had some much needed family cuddle time on the couch and watched a movie.