Ryborg 365

2014: A Toronto law student in his final of 9 years of post-secondary school embarks on a constant journey of self-discovery and cheeseburgers, adjusting to life as a husband!

2013: A Toronto law student planning a wedding (newly married!) hops on the "Project 365" bandwagon for 2013, posting the mundane but sometimes riveting days of his life in a year of many changes. [year-in-review post!]

08/22/14 - I always get unreasonably excited when my new edition of the Criminal Code comes. I was especially excited today, after spending the day in my family law rotation. It was a super slow day in CAS court, so on the brightside, I was able to start my weekend early. We ordered pizza and crashed early, as usual.
08/21/14 - My work took me to Bradford for criminal court today, which was a fairly busy day. Luckily, things went pretty smoothly and we went out for a delicious Thai lunch. I finished court early, so I made a stop at the Portuguese bakery for some cornbread and tarts, and to get a haircut. The early mornings have been taking a toll, and I crashed on the couch by 9:30.
08/20/14 - Just another work day in Barrie. The high point was having a client tell me to f*** myself. I had to fight a smirk, as I found it unreasonably funny. That’s about it for my day, I went home and played with Wicket.
08/19/14 - I was up bright and early to head to Collingwood for work for the first time since last summer. Court went smoothly and it was a beautiful day, so I enjoyed a wonderful view during lunch behind the courthouse. I’m happy to go to Collingwood every chance that I get, despite a 1.5 hr commute each way. I even made it home by 5pm and took Wicket to the park.
08/18/14 - The sun was out on a Monday morning, but it was too foggy on the 407 to see it. Really creepy scene. I was back in Barrie court working for the first time in nearly a year. It was hectic but not too overwhelming. It has been nice to catch up with everyone. The early mornings have been draining, and I crashed on the couch around 10:30.
08/17/14 - Lazy Sunday at home, and Steph made me a pretty outstanding breakfast. She broke out our waffle iron and made some delicious cinnamon waffles with fruit. We watched movies and TV, and generally relaxed before starting another work week.
08/16/14 - I was up early today to watch Manchester United’s Premiership season opener, and despite a beautiful Wayne Rooney goal, they lost a close one. Steph made amazing cupcakes from the Magnolia cookbook with mint frosting, and we headed to Innerkip for the Heighton family picnic. The weather wasn’t great, so we didn’t get our annual baseball game in, but it was still fun, especially for Emerson and Adrianna. Wicket chased a bunny around and we ate lots of food and played games into the night.
08/15/14 - After a long work week, a nice wine paired well with some delicious tacos. I had to work late, as we were receiving training on an electronic pilot project that we are trying in the Barrie court. It is exciting, but a bit daunting. After work, I tried to get tarts from the Sweet Oven for tomorrow’s family picnic, but they were all sold out! This wine was kind of cool and quite tasty, though, and we got to watch the Jays lose yet another game.
08/14/14 - Another boring day of work in the office, but it was broken up by this delicious lunch at Groovy Tuesdays in Barrie. I spent the evening with Wicket, as Steph was working late.
08/13/14 - I was back in Barrie court for the first time in almost a year, and it felt good to be back. I met up with Neil for lunch at the Clarkson and worked in the office for the afternoon. Jason is transferring locations next week, so after work, the whole team went to Milestones for drinks and dinner. It was great to be able to catch up with everyone, even though I didn’t make it home until much later than usual. On the brightside, there was no traffic and I had both Wicket and Steph eagerly awaiting me at home.
08/12/14 - It was a stormy day as I went to Orillia for work. My boss took me out for breakfast before court, and the first client that I assisted in criminal court sported a shirt that read “CROOKS” in Olde English, with numerous guns depicted. I couldn’t help but laugh. I made my way back to the Radio Cafe for lunch in Barrie, which was fantastic as always. The photo here depicts my drive home on the 400. It was raining sheets until I got to Cookstown, away from this stormy cloud, and then I enjoyed a sunny trip back to Brampton.
08/11/14 - My first day of work back in Barrie! Despite being a mostly boring administrative day, it felt good to be back. My commute from Brampton was pretty smooth, so I can’t complain on that front. I got some new gadgets as an Articling student, so I have to re-train myself to use a Blackberry and PC. I was tired after work but it was great to go home to our poor pup who was left alone all day!
08/10/14 - My lady is the best. On a lazy Sunday, she prepared me a solid and delicious breakfast. I did a bit of reading, and former MLB catcher Jason Kendall’s book is riveting. We spent most of our day on the couch watching baseball. And what a baseball game it was. The Blue Jays played their longest game in team history against the Tigers, clocking in at 7 hours and 19 innings. Jose Bautista ended the suffering with a clutch base hit. We spent the night watching Nathan For You and old episodes of It’s Always Sunny.
08/09/14 - We had a mostly lazy Saturday at home, spending quality time with Wicket. He had a blast at the park with his soccer ball. Steph and I went out for a big grocery shop and went to Five Guys for some juicy burgers. It was a quiet night in catching up on shows and cuddling on the couch. Very nice, simple Saturday.
08/08/14 - My last day of training in Toronto, and an overall excellent day. I got a bright and early start, checking out of my hotel around 7:30 before heading to work for the day. Just before lunch time, I found out that I got a $400/month raise, which was beyond fantastic. I got my new work laptop before leaving, and finished around 4pm for the weekend. After work, I went to the HMV Superstore on Yonge and had some amazing finds on vinyl, scooping Incubus - Morning View, Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the Head, and Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. It was great to get home after a couple nights away, and Wicket was super excited to see me. We all spent a relaxing night in and crashed on the couch shortly after 10pm.