Ryborg 365

2014: A Toronto law student in his final of 9 years of post-secondary school embarks on a constant journey of self-discovery and cheeseburgers, adjusting to life as a husband!

2013: A Toronto law student planning a wedding (newly married!) hops on the "Project 365" bandwagon for 2013, posting the mundane but sometimes riveting days of his life in a year of many changes. [year-in-review post!]

08/31/14 - Sir. Patrick. Stewart. Captain Jean-Luc Picard. One of the truly greatest actors of all-time, and an idol of mine since I was 3 years old. We went to Fan Expo in Toronto today with Steele, so I seized the opportunity to meet him. Steph came up with the great idea of dressing classy and taking teacups with Earl Grey tea bags (Picard’s drink in Star Trek was Earl Grey, hot). This epic photo was the result, and it was worth every penny (and an hour-long wait). The Expo was as good as ever, though they did little to celebrate the 20th anniversary. We got another hilarious picture drawn by the Cyanide and Happiness guys (much too NSFW to post online), had some pulled pork parfait, and scooped some cool collectables. We capped the excellent day with a trip to Ajax and some Five Guys burgers. Another successful Fan Expo!
08/30/14 - A busy Saturday! I woke up early to watch the Man Utd game, and Steph filled the afternoon with work. In the evening, we picked Dallas up in Barrie and made our way to Lake Muskoka to see the Sam Roberts Band at The Kee to Bala. It was a very intimate venue, which made for a sweaty night when combined with the humidity, but the show totally rocked. Even the opening act, The Pick Brothers Band was exceptional. Sam is a Canadian treasure and a must-see live act, and he played into the early morning hours!
08/29/14 - It was a pretty easygoing Friday. I was in bail court again and we ended early, so we were able to enjoy a nice lunch on the patio of the Radio Cafe in Barrie. Steph got home from work at a decent time, and we took Wicket for a nice long walk to the store while we waited for a delicious Asian food delivery as a Friday treat.
08/28/14 - I was in Barrie bail court today, and we finished early enough that I got home in time to take Wicket for a nice long walk around the neighbourhood and through the park. Anytime I feel stressed about articling, I need to remember days like this, when I am home by 5pm, while my friends work well into the night.
08/27/14 - Just another day of work. It was a busy day in Barrie, and I did my first consent bail release. Nothing else too exciting to report, besides a delicious junior bacon cheeseburger that I enjoyed on my drive home with this view on the 407.
08/26/14 - After 350km and over 4 hours on the road, I put in a particularly long work day. I left home at 6:45am to make the scenic drive to the Collingwood courthouse, before making the trek to work in an extraordinarily busy Orillia court for the day. One thing that I can say with certainty is that the hectic days go by the quickest. It was a very lazy night, though I cooked a delicious chicken and zucchini dinner, as we continued our take-out embargo.
08/25/14 - The start of another busy work week, and this photo accurately represents my blur of a day. I was in Barrie court today and no doubt set a personal record by addressing over 60 different matters in court. The day went by quickly, but was hectic, nonetheless. Needless to say, I enjoyed some cuddles with my pup, and made a home-cooked meal for Steph.
08/24/14 - We were in Ajax for the day, and I had to do my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Steph relished the opportunity to dump a bucket of water with two bags of ice on my head. I naturally had to don a comically small life jacket. It was a lot of fun, and I donated my share to the foundation. We visited Pete and Julie’s new house in Oshawa, and had dinner in Oshawa before heading home.
08/23/14 - Our Saturday started out a bit lazy, but we eventually made our way to Ajax to pick Madison and his friend up to catch a Toronto FC game. Finding parking was a nightmare since the CNE is on, but we eventually found a cheap space a couple of km away on King Street. We missed the first ten minutes of the game, but still had a good time in great seats that Madi found for super cheap on Craigslist. After, we checked out the CNE, Steph played some games, we had frozen bananas and pizza cones, and we played the ‘Guess My Weight and Age’ game (the guy guessed that Madi was 16, which was the high point of the game, since he is heading to start university next week). It was a late night that my body just isn’t adapted to anymore since I’ve been up at 6am most days lately, but great fun.
08/22/14 - I always get unreasonably excited when my new edition of the Criminal Code comes. I was especially excited today, after spending the day in my family law rotation. It was a super slow day in CAS court, so on the brightside, I was able to start my weekend early. We ordered pizza and crashed early, as usual.
08/21/14 - My work took me to Bradford for criminal court today, which was a fairly busy day. Luckily, things went pretty smoothly and we went out for a delicious Thai lunch. I finished court early, so I made a stop at the Portuguese bakery for some cornbread and tarts, and to get a haircut. The early mornings have been taking a toll, and I crashed on the couch by 9:30.
08/20/14 - Just another work day in Barrie. The high point was having a client tell me to f*** myself. I had to fight a smirk, as I found it unreasonably funny. That’s about it for my day, I went home and played with Wicket.
08/19/14 - I was up bright and early to head to Collingwood for work for the first time since last summer. Court went smoothly and it was a beautiful day, so I enjoyed a wonderful view during lunch behind the courthouse. I’m happy to go to Collingwood every chance that I get, despite a 1.5 hr commute each way. I even made it home by 5pm and took Wicket to the park.
08/18/14 - The sun was out on a Monday morning, but it was too foggy on the 407 to see it. Really creepy scene. I was back in Barrie court working for the first time in nearly a year. It was hectic but not too overwhelming. It has been nice to catch up with everyone. The early mornings have been draining, and I crashed on the couch around 10:30.
08/17/14 - Lazy Sunday at home, and Steph made me a pretty outstanding breakfast. She broke out our waffle iron and made some delicious cinnamon waffles with fruit. We watched movies and TV, and generally relaxed before starting another work week.