Ryborg 365

2014: A Toronto law student in his final of 9 years of post-secondary school embarks on a constant journey of self-discovery and cheeseburgers, adjusting to life as a husband!

2013: A Toronto law student planning a wedding (newly married!) hops on the "Project 365" bandwagon for 2013, posting the mundane but sometimes riveting days of his life in a year of many changes. [year-in-review post!]

09/29/14 - I spent the better part of my day in the Barrie law library in the courthouse. Although it was icy cold, it was a neat and quiet place to work in the court. I made some good research progress on my family law trial. Very low key night, watching South Park re-runs and curling up on the couch.
09/28/14 - This Sunday started out unfortunately slow, and we were forced to cancel some morning plans because I wasn’t feeling well. I rested most of the day, and we took a trip to Whitby to have dinner with the Widners and Clarksons. Wicket made a new dog friend, and we all had a nice catch-up since we haven’t seen each other since our wedding last October. After a delicious meal and an epic game of Munchkin, we made it home by midnight.
09/27/14 - Steph and I spent some quality time together on a Saturday. I watched the Man Utd game this morning and we cuddled with Wicket, then we went to Toronto for the evening. The Jays were playing their second last game of the season, an we watched them win a quick one (with a 4pm start, which was fantastic). The atmosphere was great, despite the fact that this is 21 years without playoffs. After the game, we stuck around for a while to soak in the sights, then went to the White Brick Kitchen for a delicious (as always) meal. We turned in early, and it was a quality day!
09/26/14 - I was in the office today, swamped with research on a busy Friday, then I met Neil at the Clarkson for some beers. I couldn’t turn down a chance to indulge in their fish Fridays!
09/25/14 - Great work day today (if I can even call it that). I was in Bradford criminal court today, and we were miraculously done our list by 12:45, so I was able to take a half day. I went to the barber for a fresh cut, shopped for some new jeans, and picked up my first new PS3 game in months. I spent the afternoon and evening playing FIFA 15 (soooo good, and highly recommended), and curling up with Wicket. Good day!
09/24/14 - It was a bit of a haze of a day. Barrie court dragged on forever and I stayed late to work on some trial prep. Steph was home super late, so Wicket and I each lazed around on our own couch. I’m not quite sure how he ended up with the bigger one. I fell asleep extremely early, as this week seems to be running me down hard.
09/23/14 - Today was a bit of a slow starter. I woke up feeling sick, so I cuddled with Wicket in bed for a bit and made it to Collingwood court by 10am. It was a very strange day with odd clients, but it went well. It was Wicket’s first birthday, so we had lots of quality time, and Steph even brought him home some chicken nuggets. He hopped right up on her lap for this photo, and he clearly knew this was his day!
09/22/14 - I was working away from the office today, as I had to take a road trip to my dentist in Peterborough. I was having pain issues with a recent filling that I had done, so to save a root canal (for now at least), I had a sedative filling (tastes auspiciously like cloves) temporarily put in. I did a bit of shopping, finally finding an Olaf doll for Adrianna and a hilarious moustache soother for Emerson. I visited the Malloys and Emerson was super cuddly. Adrianna was super excited to see me and we went for wings before I headed home.
09/21/14 - We had a pretty busy Sunday after a late night. Steph had a bunch of work to do and I took care of some errands and cleaning. I made a delicious salmon and asparagus dinner, and we went out for a treat at DQ. I kept Wicket outside while Steph went inside to get pumpkin pie blizzards. While she was inside, it started torrentially raining, so we bolted to the car and ate there. It was a pretty decent Sunday!
09/20/14 - A busy Saturday! We were up bright and early to take Wicket to his groomer in Toronto. While he was there, Steph and I had an amazing breakfast at Steve’s, and went to Bayview Village to Banana Republic. Wicket was very handsome and adorable after his grooming, but we had to leave him alone for the evening. We did some driving and went to Creemore for a surprise birthday party for Neil at the Creemore Kitchen. The restaurant was awesome and we had a great time. We went back to Barrie to continue the party and didn’t make it home until 2am.
09/19/14 - I had a busy day in the office doing more trial prep. The day flew by and I got to come home to this goofball. It was a pretty low key Friday night since we had to be up early Saturday morning to take Wicket to his groomer in Toronto.
09/18/14 - A busy day working on trial prep at the office was capped off by an extra long commute. Lots of rubbernecking made it so that it took me a full hour just to get out of Barrie on the 400. Just another day in the life.
09/17/14 - I finished unusually early in Barrie criminal court today, so I was able to get home early to take Wicket for a nice long late-afternoon walk. Steph had another late work night and we ordered some pizza.
09/16/14 - It was a long and busy day of criminal court in Orillia (why is the C in quotation marks here?!). It was all relatively smooth, but the commuting is starting to get to me. I picked up a few groceries and made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.
09/15/14 - On a rainy Monday, I was trapped indoors. I had an office day in Barrie working on a trial file, and went home to cuddle with Wicket. He found my head to be a nice pillow and we watched the Jays take a tough loss. A very uneventful start to the week.