Ryborg 365

2014: A Toronto law student in his final of 9 years of post-secondary school embarks on a constant journey of self-discovery and cheeseburgers, adjusting to life as a husband!

2013: A Toronto law student planning a wedding (newly married!) hops on the "Project 365" bandwagon for 2013, posting the mundane but sometimes riveting days of his life in a year of many changes. [year-in-review post!]

10/18/14 - It was a busy Saturday today. We spent the morning cleaning up the house before venturing downtown to the final Toronto FC home match of the season. It was very cold and a bit rainy, but it was an entertaining game. The refereeing was terrible and Montreal played dirty (case in point, this photo, which was a blatant dive that we could see clearly from our front row seats). It was a 1-1 draw, which was enough to eliminate TFC from playoff contention. We stopped by the food convention at the Direct Energy Centre on our way back to the car, and made the 1.5 hr drive back home. Neil and Martina came over tonight for pizza, wings, beer, and hockey. Wicket loved having them here and we had a great night, ending in a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity!
10/17/14 - Another amazing day in North Bay. I spent most of the day at the courthouse where we had our family law trial that I have been prepping for well over a month. It was very interesting and went well. We went to Greco’s for lunch (another great recommendation from Cindy - the pizza had a cornmeal crust). The trial wrapped up shortly after 4pm, so I took advantage of some of North Bay’s natural wonder before making the drive home. This photo is at Duchesnay Falls, which is a large and fantastic waterfall that is only a few km from downtown. After a secluded and steep hike in the misty rain, I made it to the top, where I sat in tranquility, enjoying the nature and roar of the falls. The water was amazing and looked rich as Coca-Cola. It was even more amazing that I was the only one at the Falls. The hike was difficult, and I had a little tumble. Overall though, it was a great experience with nature. I made it home by 10:30pm, and although I will miss North Bay, it was nice to make it home.
10/16/14 - Today was a long day of driving. I started by taking my rental car back to Scarborough and picking up my Honda from Steph’s dad’s shop (as usual, he did an immaculate job). Then I hit the road to North Bay for the night, for work. After a 4 hour drive in torrential rain, I made it to my wonderful hotel, the Hampton Inn. Cynthia and I met with our family law client, then took Cindy’s recommendation and went to Burger World for dinner (their poutine was amazing!). I settled in for the night and watched the hockey game before turning in early. This photo was the view from my hotel room - North Bay is beautiful.
10/15/14 - After a long day in Barrie court, Steph and I headed out in my wonderful rental car for an evening together. First, we got my anniversary gift, the new briefcase pictured here, then we went for dinner at Casey’s. It was a rare outing during the work week, and enjoyable time together. We went home to veg in front of the TV and have some quality time with a very happy Wicket.
10/14/14 - A rough day, and this photo speaks volumes. I took my car (which has been having brake issues) to work in Orillia, and the brakes completely seized up on me at lunch. I had to have it towed (thanks, CAA!) to Steph’s dad’s shop in Scarborough to be fixed up (thanks, poppa Marple!). I had a difficult time finding a rental car, but eventually got a great and fully loaded SUV in Barrie (thanks, Vicky for the ride!), and was on my way. I spent the evening watching the Leafs win a great game in OT and the Royals beating the Orioles in game 3 of the ALCS. Stressful day, but it ended well.
10/13/14 - We spent most of our Thanksgiving in Bancroft (largely because Steph had work to finish). It was a nice day though, and we got to enjoy the outdoors. Wicket was a bit of a menace, but was hilarious when he stepped on a frog that hopped away. We eventually made it to Peterborough, and we had Reggie’s with the Malloys (and had a pumpkin cheese burger). We had a quality visit with the kids, but unfortunately it was cut short because we work in the morning.
10/12/14 - Somehow, a year has passed since we got married. It has been a crazy and great year, and time really truly does fly by. We spent the morning in Toronto, having brunch at Jack Astor’s and making a stop at the ACC before stopping by Ajax to pick Wicket up, en route to Bancroft. We had a delicious turkey dinner with the Ferreiras and Marples, and spent the night. It wasn’t without drama though, as we heard a woman crying for help across the lake (though we later found out that she was drunk and stoned and just slipped on some steps and separated her shoulder. It was a nice and relaxing day though, and we had a great anniversary weekend.
10/11/14 - We celebrated our anniversary a day early. Steph’s parents were kind enough to watch Wicket for the night, so we got a hotel room in Toronto at the SoHo Metropolitan, a beautiful 4 star, which even had heated bathroom floors. We went to see Book of Mormon at the Princess of Wales theatre, and it was an absolute riot. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a show. After, we hit the Beer Bistro on King Street and had some Kobe beef tacos, fries cooked in beef and duck fat, and some tasty beer. We ended the night with some champagne that the Marples surprised us with at our room as an anniversary gift, which was lovely. It was great quality time with Steph, which we have needed lately.
10/10/14 - I had a fairly short work day in Barrie doing family law stuff, so I had some time to get a few groceries and run errands in the evening. I make pulled pork, pumpkin ravioli, and sweet kale salad for dinner, and Wicket and I watched the Royals beat the Orioles.
10/09/14 - I had a reasonably short day in Bradford court, ending at 3pm. It is always heartwarming to be greeted by Wicket like this when I get home. I took advantage of the extra free time and did some cleaning and chores. Steph had late meetings at work, so it was another late night.
10/08/14 - I had a much more manageable day in court today, as Barrie court was slower than yesterday in Orillia. After work, I got my oil changed and went over to Neil’s to watch the Leafs’ season opener. They lost the game on a late goal, but we had a good time with pizza and beer. Neil and Martina also surprised Steph and I with a great bottle of wine for our anniversary!
10/07/14 - A day that started so beautifully turned to hell quickly. I had a nice commute to Orillia, where we had a ridiculously busy day in criminal court. I personally addressed 80 matters in court, which is a personal best, and was literally on my feet all day. We finished a bit earlier than last week, but I still didn’t get home until 7:30. Steph got home late, and we indulged in some Swiss Chalet before crashing early on the couch.
10/06/14 - I had a cool view of the old jail in Barrie from the law library in the courthouse on a Monday spent researching family law trial issues. Steph got home late, and had to drive to Scarborough to get her car looked after during an impromptu trip to her dad’s shop. I got geared up for the new hockey season, and drafted a team for our league.
10/05/14 - We went to Ajax for the day to visit the Marples on a Sunday. I did some suit shopping and got two great suits (Tommy and CK) for the price of one. After, we got some chicken, had dinner, and played an epic (3 hour) game of Munchkin (which is fast becoming a Sunday tradition). Steph’s mom won the game in her very first time playing!
10/04/14 - We spent a Saturday at home, relaxing, catching up on work, and watching soccer. We decided to order in Italian, and after and hour and twenty minutes when our order hadn’t arrived, Steph phoned to find out that we had to pick up. So we took a road trip with Wicket to the south end of Brampton and got some tasty food. Unfortunately, we were exhausted by the time dinner was done, and crashed early on the couch.