Ryborg 365

2014: A Toronto law student in his final of 9 years of post-secondary school embarks on a constant journey of self-discovery and cheeseburgers, adjusting to life as a husband!

2013: A Toronto law student planning a wedding (newly married!) hops on the "Project 365" bandwagon for 2013, posting the mundane but sometimes riveting days of his life in a year of many changes. [year-in-review post!]

09/15/14 - On a rainy Monday, I was trapped indoors. I had an office day in Barrie working on a trial file, and went home to cuddle with Wicket. He found my head to be a nice pillow and we watched the Jays take a tough loss. A very uneventful start to the week.
09/14/14 - I spent much of the day cleaning house while Steph worked, then the Marples came over (bearing a delicious dinner) and we had a nice visit. Wicket was thrilled to have a playmate, and it was nice to have company over (who were brave enough to tough our Brampton neighbourhood). Steph and I started watching The Inceasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, an Arrested Development-esque miniseries, and it had me in stitches. I also clinched the second round of my fantasy baseball playoffs (and $250!) and will play for $500 in the final! Good Sunday!
09/13/14 - It was a mostly lazy Saturday, and I did some cleaning around the house. Wicket tried to help me wash his favourite window, and we took a nice walk in the park. We spent the evening watching movies and lounging.
09/12/14 - I had a pretty excellent day. I made the trek to Midland for family court, and finished nice and early on a Friday, at 1:30. I went for a delicious lunch at Dino’s before leaving. My bosses both emailed me with good news… I will be assisting for the next month on a big family law trial in North Bay, and I will likely be doing my first solo criminal trial in Orillia on September 24th! Steph made it home at a decent time, and we got our amazing wedding album in the mail. It was an early night after an exhausting week.
09/11/14 - A busy work day! I went to Barrie first thing to do a sentencing for a client (which went very well: I was able to get her just probation when the Crown was seeking house arrest), then headed to Bradford to assist in court. We didn’t finish until late, but I still cooked a decent dinner. The grind goes on.
09/10/14 - A busy day in Barrie first appearance court, and I had to get some work done on my tires after. The rain was super heavy on the 400, so I stopped for a snack and drink on my way home and found this gem at the rest stop! I did some research and work in the evening before bed, such is the excitement of my life.
09/09/14 - Another Tuesday in Collingwood. I don’t think that I could possibly get sick of this drive, despite it being a 3 hour round trip (though I may change my tune in the winter). Court went well, but was strangely long. I decided to do some cleaning when I got home and Wicket was thrilled to have me home. Another very late night for poor Steph, who is battling a chest cold.
09/08/14 - A long, long day in family court today, as I was one of the last ones to leave the Barrie courthouse. The family law is a steep learning curve for me, but a nice change of pace. Not much else to report on a long Monday. Steph worked late, and I ended up crashing on the couch.
09/07/14 - A truly lazy Sunday. We lounged around and watched Hotel Hell, and a bit of NFL football, ordered pizza, and cuddled on the couch (despite Steph having a bunch of work to do). Wicket was truly in heaven and we enjoyed an evening in the park.
09/06/14 - A very busy Saturday! We set off bright and early to meet the Malloys downtown at the Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Fest. It was a crazy, hectic, and fun event at the Air Canada Centre that absolutely got us hyped up for the new NHL season. We had a blast, getting a VIP tour of the Leafs dressing room (bypassing a 3+ hour lineup!), and meeting and getting a photo with Leafs VP and GM Dave Nonis. The dressing room was very impressive, and we even got to see their bagel slicer (it is the little things that are the most entertaining sometimes). Unfortunately, the lineup to get photos and autographs was extraordinarily long (4-5 hours?!), but we more than made the most of our day. Adrianna and I met Peter Puck, we got custom flip books made (Steph hilariously jerseyed me in ours), as well as custom trading cards (with the photos taken by a pro hockey card photographer) and custom Coke cans. After the fun but exhausting day, Steph and I got some Thai food and spent some quality Wicket time!
09/05/14 - After a poor night of sleep, I set off for Orillia to begin my family law rotation (which will be Mondays and Fridays). It was a much different experience than criminal law, but the verdict is out on whether it is something that I’d do long term. I finished nice and early on a Friday, which gave me time to get an oil change and take a late afternoon nap. As has been the case far too often lately, Steph got home really late, and was delayed by a brutal storm.
09/04/14 - Another long work day, including 350km and 4 hours on the road. I had to stop by Bradford court before working in Midland for the day. On the brightside, I got my dedicated duty counsel parking spot back. It was a long day, but I got to unwind with an exciting Blue Jays win and the kickoff of the NFL season.
09/03/14 - Today was a particularly stressful work day. We were launching a new electronic client docketing system, and it wasn’t without its hiccups in court. Lunch was good though: butternut squash soup, a veggie burger, and a vitamin water. I also decided to rock my awesome Darth Vader cufflinks. When I finally made it home, I did some cleaning, and we relaxed in front of the Jays game and old episodes of It’s Always Sunny.
09/02/14 - I was in Collingwood court for the day, and got to be distracted by the beautiful view. I had to deal with particularly difficult clients, but the day wasn’t bad, all things considered (despite a trip down some stairs). We ordered some delicious Swiss Chalet and took Wicket for a walk around the neighbourhood.
09/01/14 - We spent a lazy Labour Day in Ajax, relaxing and eating delicious food! After dinner, we took Steele to DQ and had some smoothies by the moonlight before heading home for a shortened but busy work week.